FCI Services


FCI  can assist you with many forestry projects. Most of these services start with an initial property inspection.

Property Inspections

If you request an inspection, one of our foresters will gather recent aerial photos and topographic maps, then will visit your forest. While on site we will note general tree health and stage of growth. We will also keep an eye out for problems in the forest such as disease, insects or trespasses.

The main goal of the inspection will be to answer the questions that you brought to us with the request to look at your forest. Our number one request is to evaluate whether the trees are ready to harvest or thin, but there are many other reasons to have a forester inspect your land.

Other Services

FCI foresters can also assist in various other projects such as:

  • Expert Witness Testimony for court cases
  • Timber Trespass/Stump Count
  • Kudzu and Non-Native Invasive Plant Control
  • Pre-Commercial thinning
  • Boundary Maintenance

Contact us to request a property inspection or to get more information about other services. Prior to doing any work, we will submit a brief work Proposal for you to review and sign, so you will always know what tasks we are doing and what fees will be charged.

FCI wants to work FOR YOU to meet your forest goals. Contact FCI today.