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Forest Management

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Who We Are

For over 30 years the experienced professionals at Forestry Consultants, Inc. have been working for you: managing timber sales and silvicultural services, representing you as you buy or sell land, checking for beetles and disease, doing appraisals and timber cruises, handling hunting leases and property divisions, acting as expert legal witnesses and simply watching over your woods. Consulting foresters, Terry LoveMelisa Love, and Robby Findley stand ready to do the forestry, real estate, office and financial work needed to meet your goals.We are dedicated to working FOR YOU, the forest landowner, to offer the services you need and professionals you can trust.

How Can We Help You?

Learn more about how FCI can help your forestry edeavors.

Forest Management

The trees on your forestland may have been there for years. But are they healthy? How much are they worth? Are they ready to cut? Let Forestry Consultants be your guide on these and other important forestry issues. For more information on forest management, please contact our office.

Real Estate

Some land professionals see Alabama land for sale as just a business transaction. But, for licensed real estate agent and Registered Forester Lisa Love, land has been her career for over three decades.

Working For You

Forestry is important in Alabama. Our forests produce trees, an important agricultural crop, and our forest products industry is a state leader in employment and payroll. You probably know several people who work in the woods. Are they all foresters? Which ones can help you in your forest?